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  1. How It Works?

For Freelancers/Employee

   Enter this hidden job market by registering yourself and providing details about your education, expertise, skill set, previous assignments & experience.

   Based on the employer’s requirement we will increase your visibility by focusing on your skills and highlighting your achievements we will help you meet your aspirations of connecting with individuals & companies and keep your profile on the radar of all our clients.

   Choose General services for Direct communication with employers, complete job and get paid by employers directly.

   Premium services for indirect communication (Via Local-vocals)-We will charge from employers on your behalf at agreed terms &conditions and amount and you will be paid by Local-Vocals.

   Choosing services is your sole decision.

  • Participants FEES

    INR ₹ 49/- per month

  • Normal service

    Included in participants fees

    • Directly communicate with organisation and close
    • Complete work and collect payment
    • Mutual agreement between you and organisation.
  • Premium service


    • Discuss and freeze deal with organisation
    • Share details and involve local vocals
    • Local vocals,verification & authenticity with organisation and sign up
    • Complete work and Verify with customer
    • Claim payment from Local vocals

For Employers

   Register your company and post requirements of your Project.

   Interact and select desired candidates located in your locations, Interact and hire them.

   Go with General/Premium services based on Desired candidates & your mutual agreements with all Terms and conditions.(Any services is yours sole decision).

   We charge 3% (From Company) of pay outs agreed by you and candidates.

  • Participants FEES


  • Normal service


    • Directly communicate with freelancers and close.
    • Get completed work and release payment to him.
    • Mutual agreement between you and freelancers.
  • Premium service

    We charge 3% of Deal value

    • Discuss and freeze deal with candidates.
    • Share details and inform local vocals
    • Local vocals will verify & authenticate with organisation.
    • Get completed work and verified with frelancers.
    • Release payment to local vocal(Deal value +3% of value)