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  •   What is Local-Vocals?

       Local-vocals(Product of M/s CyberSec Informatics – A leading cyber security company) is an economy supporting job market place which brings local and global businesses in touch with local talents for short term online & onsite projects We Locally a global platform that connects talented professionals& businesses from Local places.( Local Consumption by local production).

       We strive to provide “Right Resources” at “Right Time” to businesses by focusing on a large pool of local hidden talents in the form of freelancers, part timers, consultants and skilled resources of all kinds This platform is ideal for gig economy reeling under the effect of COVID-19 restrictions as well as for the businesses which are looking for quality resources at reasonable costs.

  •  How it works? & Difference in services?
    # Employee/Freelancers/Talents/Job seekers Employer
    Participants FEES INR 49/- per month FREE
    Normal service Included in participants fees FREE
    Directly communicate with organization and close. Directly communicate with talent pool and close.
    Complete work and collect payment from employer. Get completed work and release payment to talents.
    Mutual agreement between you and organization. Mutual agreement between you and freelancers.
    Premium service FREE We charge 3% of Deal value.
    Discuss and freeze deal with organization. Discuss and freeze deal with candidates.
    Share details and inform local vocals. Share details and inform local vocals.
    Local vocals verify &authenticate with organization and sign up. Local vocals verify& authenticate with talent and sign up.
    Complete work and Verify with customer Local-vocals. Get completed work and verify with talent and Local vocals.
    Claim payment from Local vocals. Release payment to local vocal(Deal value +3% of value).
    We will promote, highlight your credentials to employers. We will refer best talents to you.
  •  Whats are charges and why?

        We charges very nominal charges as participants fees(INR -49/Month) from seekers only ,as we want only serious talents who are actually in need and hunting ,Seriousness and quality over quantity reasons we charge.Only Participants member can apply and bid.

        Employers are free

  •  Is it chargeable for Employers?

        General services—FREE.

        Premium services—3% of deal value from employer.

  •  Is it compulsory choose premium services


  •  I am a job seeker, how will Local-vocals work for me?

        Sign up and register by pay participants Fee& apply unlimited posted Projects/Jobs. And IF required go for Premium services(in this case you have to freeze deals on higher side as we will charge 3% of deal value from Employers), else directly communicate with Employers.

  •  I am an Employer, How will Local-vocals work for me?

        Simply post jobs/projects & compare-selects best talents from available pool and appoint/Award &get job done & pay directly.

        If wish and doubts go with Premium services (Optional and mutual agreement with talents).

  •  Can contract cancel after awarding projects?

        Yes, If any shared details found wrong or false ,contract will be terminated immediately and be notified and will be blacklisted for future activities.

  •  Is Verification Mandatory?

        Verification is a mandatory process for Premium services for seekers as well employers,(Generally VIA PAN,ADHAR,BANK details as well as reference) to avoid fraudulent activity on the platform.

  •   If I didn’t get projects?Can I Get refund ?

        Yes,we have Refund policy ,If you are not satisfied or didn’t get projects in six months,you will get 75% refund .